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Woodcraft Production Process Software

Our software is designed to help a Woodcraft Factory to managing their production processes, as shown in the diagram.

Our application is composed as follow:

Customers Orders: orders are received throught E-mails or Web Sites, and our application will load them on the application database.

Converting Orders in Production Code: the orders are converted in Machinary instructions code, informations useful for cutting, bordering, packaging and Accounting.

Wood Bars collecting: a Robotic Arm will collects from the Postforming Wood Bars deposit all the bars needed to fulfill the customer's orders.

Wood Bars cutting: we send a file of piece's sizes to a Cutter, to prepare each piece for the following steps.

Labeling Pieces: a label printing device is labeling each piece with a barCode label, with information about the piece and the holes needed to fulfil the customer requestes.

Top Holes Cutting: we instruct a shaper machine to performs on each Top the holes and shaping edges.

Border Deposit, Border Gluer: we send information to a Border Deposit IT System about the pieces getting out from the cutter and the shaper to be prepared and orderd for a Border gluer machine.

Packaging Cutter: for each piece we cut a packing cartons based on piece's sizes.

Accounting Invoice Generation: for each customer order, we prepare a transportation document and a related invoice, counting all the processing steps for each piece.

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