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Biglietteria - Tickets Office

Our software Biglietteria could be used to print the tickets for Events, Shows and Exhibitions where you need no more than 4 kinds of tickets.

We designed it to be able to print tickets all around the world, because using the UNICODE characters set you can use practically any languages known in the world.

All the titles of buttons and menus can be personalized to your needs, and could be used by anyone.

To print on paper each ticket you need a Label printer which is not included with the software. You must ask your printer seller to configure the printer for using your type of label paper for tickets.

Before using this software to print tickets for any situation, you must check with your local authorities if the emission of this kind of tickets is legally acceptable in your own country. Our software is accounting only the full price of the ticket, and is not considering any local tax or due on them.

To print a kind of Ticket, you have to click on the related button, it will print the ticket on the default printer (it must be setup to your label printer) and playing a tone after printing.

In the Tray Bar there will be the application icon, and if you right click on it, you can choose an action from the popup menu.
The actions you can choose from are:

  • Check actual emitted tickets amounts: all the daily tickets you have printed since morning are accounted by kind of ticket until now. There will be a Tickets total amount show at the bottom of the table.
  • Check the emitted tickets list: you can have the list of all the tickets printed during the day you selected in the date selection box.
  • Check previous emitted tickets amounts: you can view the previous verified tickets amounts, by selecting the day and the time of the previous verification datetime.
  • Re-print last ticket: if you printer got a problem, you can eventually reprint the last ticket emitted. Beware: the reprinted ticket is not accounted twice.
  • Exit: you can close the software. We suggest to exit the software at the end of the day.

Each ticket layout is described in a layout definition file, where you can made any change to the layout, using the Notepad editor and saving in UTF-8 format (ANSI format is not allowed).

There is a User Manual for the software and how to make changes to the layout definition files, but if you need help in setting up a layout for your tickets, we can help you by payment of a fair price.

It works on Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7 and needs MS Word 2003 or later version installed to get the Arial Unicode MS font.

This software is available on our Online Store.
For further informations contact us.

UNICODE is a trademark of the UNICODE Consortium, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office products are registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation

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