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Cruscotto - Personalized Applications Manager

Our software Cruscotto could give you full control on your applications and documents thought a console that allow you to grouping them in groups of 10. For each application you can register important information you need to work with it, like account or password and more (up to 4 elements).

You can run from our Console any Windows Application, or opening a Web Site on your default Browser, or opening a document in your Word processing software or SpreadSheet software, or opening a folder from your Hard Disk.

For each application's button, there are 4 buttons that could copy important information you need in Clipboard, then you could paste them in your Form without typing.

We suggest to not to use our password registration system for very important situations like Web Banking or strong Private information, because our software is not encrypting those information.

During the use of your software, the Console could be minimized, and let you deal with your application in full size

There is a Console Manager application, that allows you to set all the user accounts allowed to use the Console Cruscotto and where you can set all the Accounts and Passwords information associated to each running application buttons.

For further information, contact us.

This software is available in our Online Store.

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