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E-mail Sender

If you need to send a lot of e-mails to your recipients, with a letter that must be personalized, you need our software E-Mail Sender: you could prepare your email message in a Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail Message composer, save it in your Documents Folder, and then using our software and a list of your recipients in an Excel file, you can send personalized messages to each of your recipients.

To use personalized information in your message body you must use our tags (+FIELD_NAME+) where Field_Name is one of the Column names in the Excel file.

One of the columns in the Excel file must be EMAIL containing the E-mail address of your recipient. All the others columns could contain information that you can use to personalize the body of your message.

How to use it: Open our application, press the button Cerca EMail to open the Message's file (in EML format) you have composed with your email software, then press the button Carica Excel to load your Recipients Excel file (in XLS format) and finally you can press Invia to send the message to all your recipients, whom will receive a message where all the tags will be substituted with informations obtained from the Excel file.

Please don't use this software to send Spam messages, because it could not works with big Excel files, and it needs time to send each messages individually, using a lot of your Internet bandwidth and your computer resources. We will use your SMTP server, as configurated in the application configuration file.

You can send any kind of email body, just save it in .EML format on your Hard Disk.

It runs under the Windows XP SP2, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.
This software is available in our Online Store.

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