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Address Book for Mailing, Faxing and E-Mailing

Our software Indirizzario can manage an address book for your mailing, Faxing and EMailing communication needs. All the address references could be categorized at will, so you can search a list of contacts based on Category search criteria. You can print address labels for mailing purpose, or you can send a document (in Word or PDF format) via fax or email (with personalization), we just need a fax number or an email address.

All the information registered in the database could be inserted manually from the application, or imported from Excel files (in a tabular format).

There is a service on the database server that will attempt to send any fax or email you have indicated to be sent from a former selection, on your own schedule. This service must be installed on a Computer that must have a Fax Modem and a Internet connection on board.

There are 5 sections on the main form and each could be used for:

  • Indirizzario section: you can managing all the contacts informations for mailing, faxing and emailing and you can choose all the categories the contact can be associated to.
  • Ricerca Indirizzi section: you can search your contacts by categories, generating an Excel file that you can use to prepare a personalized letter with the Mail Merge in MS Word. and printing the labels for the envelopes.
  • Ricerca E-Mail section: you can search your contacts by categories, and you can prepare an email to be personalized with Edita Msg Base. The message will be send by the Service at the schedule time you selected. To start sending press Invia EMail.
  • Ricerca Fax section: you can search all the contacts by categories, and you can send a fax cover page (to be personalized with Edita Msg Base) and a document. The fax is used like a printer, and each contact must have a fax number. You can send the fax at the schedule time you selected. To start sending faxes, press Invia Fax.
  • Tabelle section: you can manage all the supporting tables like, Categories, States, Rules, Response types, Communication types, Contacts, Communication Logs, Businesses Categories, Person Categories, EMail Send requestes, Fax Send requestes. Only a few of these tables can be managed by the user, the others must be handled by a technician.

It runs under the Windows XP SP2, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Needs a MS Office package installed to Export Data to Excel file.

This software is available in our Online Store.

For further informations, contact us!

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